Making Long Beach History

All around us, at every second, history is being made. Oxford describes history as:

“The whole series of past events connected with someone or something.”

This project is about the history of Long Beach, a community of about 1/2 million residents in Los Angeles County, California.

I invite you to read of my experiences, explorations and musings as I find people, places and stories to consider. Some of them will be stories of yesterday. Some of them will be stories of today. The history of tomorrow.

Patricia Tsoiasue is otherwise known as Squigglemom, and is the creator of the Community Lemonade Game, a scavenger hunt for finding community that uses a basic set of values as a guide. The Gauntlet is the challenge.

The Gauntlet is the Challenge

Five things in my challenge:

  • Learn about Long Beach’s History
  • Connect with individuals and share what we learn on this blog, on the Squigglemom YouTube channel, and on any other media our community cares to share.
  • Connect the truths to fiction we write and publish
  • Create visuals in LEGO and other media (it’s my challenge)
  • Make Lemonade

It won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick. I invite you to join my discovery of Long Beach as it was yesterday, and as it is today.

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