Shoreline Village’s Brickersville

Go up the stairs to the right of the Pirate's Cove Gift Shop.
Nestled atop the staircase is… Brickersville

Nestled atop the colorful Pirate’s Cove Souvenir Shop in Shoreline Village is a space to be treasured. It’s a land of discovery and play, where “Anything Can Start with LEGO Bricks”. It’s called Shoreline Village’s Brickersville, and it is an entrepreneurship skills learning space and LEGO themed activity center.

I’m at risk of self-indulgement when I write of Brickersville. It’s a part of me, I’m a part of it. It is so also for the others who participate in the space, particularly the leadership team.

I’m at risk of omission if I don’t. So let me be guilty of self-indulgement.

We believe in the power of play to engage and take us to new learning.

There is Jesse Miller, The Honorable First Mayor of Brickersville and owner of Miller Communications.

There is NZ Fawkes, Director of Bricking. As of this writing he is 9, soon to be 10.

There is me, Trish Tsoiasue, Squigglemom and the Game Master of my Game. (everyone is the master of his/her own game).

We’re working on scenes of Shoreline Village and the Long Beach Pike, International communities and multi-National projects in LEGO bricks. Visit us, book your event with us, register for our email list and please don’t blink. Whether we’ll be here today and gone tomorrow is the risk we all take as entrepreneurs.

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